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By Samiksha Jain
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Looking out for the best business to start with minimum capital investment? And moreover, are you planning to tap social sector of the country? Yes, then you must definitely read this article.
For the uninitiated, Socio-preneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. These folks are full of enthusiasm to tackle social issues by offering new ideas to bring about large scale changes in the society.
‘Clean and Green India 2016’ conference that took place recently in Delhi highlighted the opportunities for social enterprises in the Clean and Green India movement with specific focus on water, waste management, Infrastructure, etc..
Here we are listing some untapped opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs:
1. Waste Management:
In a country like India, solid and liquid waste management are undoubtedly the corner stone for a clean and green India. It is clearly an area of focus.
In Indian context, this is a journey or race with no ‘finish line’. On the ground, various solutions, best practices and business models have emerged. In some areas, we see some cases of dramatic turnarounds. In many other cases the situation is only worsening owing to delays and at best inaction. Progress is visible in the space of solid waste management. Sewage or liquid waste management is still largely left to traditional approaches and conventional systems that either don’t work or are fraught with gaps in implementation.
The current solutions are infrastructure based, require large investments and are always on a catch up mode. But you as an entrepreneur you can tap this unexploited space with you innovate idea and can churn out money from here.
2. Deep Cleaning Services
To keep India clean and green Prime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated the Swatch Bharat Campaign. But only initiating such campaign won’t make India clean. We need to work together towards this ambition to make our country tidy.
And for aspiring entrepreneurs this a great sector to tap. Cleaning industry is still untapped and it needs young blood to step in and change the face of the sector by using their innovative skills and techniques.
3. Green Infrastructure:
Green Infrastructure is vital in providing and connecting life support systems for urban environments. It includes parks and reserves, gardens, waterways and wetlands, streets and transport corridors, pathways and greenways, squares and plazas, roof gardens and living walls, just to name a few. This space provides huge opportunities for entrepreneurs to meet India’s green infrastructure needs in 2016 and beyond.
4. Water Management:
Water is one of the most important element of life. But the scarcity of drinking water, is appalling. In today’s time, access to clean water is the biggest achievement for any family living in remote areas of the country. You, being an entrepreneur, can look into this matter and figure out the best way to solve this problem with the help of your entrepreneurial skills.
So if you are planning to become a social entrepreneur, renewable energy or recycling space is not the only option that you can opt for. There are more major issues and areas which you can tap and churn out money by helping society to live better life.
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