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By Samiksha Jain
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Startups and their innovative ideas to serve the consumers are fast catching up with the masses like never before. Some startups woo their customers with mobile apps while others do it with their online portals. But there are some startups that are grabbing the eye balls of consumers through their innovative boxes.
Here are 6 startups that are doing business in a box:
Buying beauty products from retailer shops are now passé. With fast moving economy and increasing number of start-ups, entrepreneurs are here to make your life easier and simpler. One such example is Delhi-based World One Retail Private Limited, which runs online discovery and e-commerce platform MSM Box.
Founded by Bindu Sharma, Hans Vivek and Kavita Joshi Rai, MSM Box works on an online subscription-based model offering consumers the opportunity to buy, try and enjoy beauty brands via subscription boxes and individual beauty and grooming products from across the world.
“Being a self-confessed beauty junkie, I soon realised how difficult and inefficient it was to search through innumerable beauty brands in the market and to figure out which one to buy. This is how the idea of a curated beauty box service was born and in October 2014 we finally launched MSMbox.com,” said Bindu Sharma, Co-founder and Managing Director, MSM Box.com.
It is often said that “Children learn as they play’ – the Chennai-based e-commerce education start-up Flintobox has turned this into reality by selling toys conceptualized by educators, prototyped by designers, and manufactured by top-of-the-line printers, all shipped in a box to little customers every month.
Isn’t it an interesting concept of learning? Especially, if it is a box full of toys that can set your imagination soaring. “90 per cent of brain development happens by the age of six. Early experiences and positive interactions during age of 3-7 determine the overall development of children for years to come. However, in these busy days with nuclear families, parents don’t have the time to ensure that their children are engaged effectively. And this constraint makes children resort to the easy way of watching TV,” says Arunprasad Durairaj, Co- Founder and CEO of the company.
Parents often feel helpless and take stress when they see their children spending more time in front of the television or engaged on hi-tech gadgets. To end all the unwanted worries of Indian parents, Delhi-based innovative start-up has come-up with an exclusive Wonderboxx for creative children to learn while playing.
Brainchild of IIT Kanpur alumnus Deepanshu Arora and Parita Parekh, it is an innovative, theme-based and age-specific, hands-on learning tool which could be subscribed on a monthly basis, to encourage kids to explore their imagination and learn things while playing.
“Kids these days spend a lot of their time either on television, smart phones or on tablets and do not really take interest in learning activities. So we thought, if we can create something that could teach them while playing will be really helpful and would also add value to their creative skill. So, that was the idea behind developing Wonderboxx. It is an inimitable product which will help them learn while playing,” says Deepanshu Arora, Co- founder and CEO, Wonderboxx.
Launched by IIT/NIFT/NUS alumni from corporate like P&G and Deutsche Bank, Zaza Box is a Gourmet health food start-up making clean nutritious food a daily affair so that you never get bored of eating the same thing, start-ups Indian and European chefs take their customers on a fantastic culinary journey with a daily changing menu catered to the Indian taste buds.
If you can order mobile phone, gifts, jewellery and more even groceries online then why should flowers be left behind? This is exactly what this group of IT enthusiasts thought before establishing BoxMyWish.com. With unique flower arrangements and competitive pricing, they offer their customers “best value for money, highest quality products and services, and efficient round-the-clock support in a box.” Currently, BoxMyWish serves across all the Indian states and they are looking forward to take things global.
Goodbox, a conversational-commerce mobile app allows businesses to create a store on the Goodbox app that resembles the physical environment where the merchant can chat with their customer, upload their product/service catalogue for search and discovery, take orders, accept payment and get logistic support.
Operational in Bengaluru with over 1200 merchant already signed up, start-up has been co-founded by Abey Zachariah (ex-redBus core team), Anand Kelaginamani (IIM-B), Charan Raj (ex-Accenture), Mahesh Herle (ex-National Instruments), Mayank Bidawatka (ex-redBus core team & co-founder The Media Ant), Mohit Maheshwari (IIM-B) and Nithin Chandra (NIT-K & IIM-B).
These 6 innovative startups are giving exciting products and services to their users. Hats off to these entrepreneurs for thinking out-of-the-box!
Do you know of any other startup that is serving its users through some innovate way? DM their details to our Twitter handle @entrepreneurIND and we will get in touch with them.
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