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By Teena Jose
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Being your own boss and getting complete control of your life is the ultimate career goal for most of the fresh graduates. This mostly pushes them to become Entrepreneurs. Because, there is an undeniable appeal to get labeled as an entrepreneur. Though it is an incredibly blissful experience to start your own company, it is also a daunting task that requires so much patience and savvy to work the system, along with the back-up of investors, innovation and many more factors.
In other words, it is easy to believe that your business idea is quite innovative. However, if your product or service you provide is actually something your audience wants is what makes you a successful entrepreneur.
Still think it’s easy..? Take note of the following advice from some of the notable names, both young entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans, in the field of entrepreneurship.
Prateek Maheshwari, co-founder, Physics Wallah
“While the path of an entrepreneur is undoubtedly challenging, the opportunities in India are abundant. The support available, both from the economy and the government, can greatly enhance the chances of success. I would like to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to consider India as a favorable destination for their entrepreneurial aspirations.”
Rishabh Goel, co-founder and CEO, Credgenics
“The Indian entrepreneurial environment necessitates the acumen to quickly devise innovative approaches, the ability to pivot businesses dynamically, and the ability to rapidly incorporate evolving technological developments. Success lies in having the strategic agility to identify and seize opportunities while keeping the focus clear on the core area that the business is trying to serve.”
Madhusudan Ekambaram, co-founder and CEO, KreditBee
“Embark on your entrepreneurial journey fueled by resilience and innovation. A lesson that helped me overcome setbacks is that there are no failures, there is success or there is a lesson to be learnt. In a dynamic market such as India, it is important to adapt swiftly to market shifts, by prioritizing problem-solving. Determination is key as you embark on your entrepreneurial journey.”
Amrit Singh, co-founder and CRO, Loop
“In entrepreneurship, clarity comes from talking to users. Dedicate 50% of your time to understanding your customers. Know their pains, their triumphs, and their stories. Ask deeper, meaningful questions. Go beyond the surface. You’ll come across a lot of noise but the best insights often come from truly listening to your customers. So, when you’re making your next move, just remember – authentic connection and understanding those you serve are vital. Bypass the noise, get in front of your prospects, and prioritize conversations over assumptions.”
Iesh Dixit, CEO and founder, Powerplay
“In today’s fast-paced business world, I’ve noticed a surge of enthusiastic entrepreneurs jumping onto the AI bandwagon. My advice? Pause and consider before you leap. It’s tempting to create something just because it’s the latest trend, but building a business solely on what’s hot right now might not lead to lasting success. Instead, focus on solving real, meaningful problems. Don’t start with a solution and then scramble to find a problem that fits. Begin by identifying a genuine problem that needs solving. This approach is like building a strong foundation – it ensures your efforts are well-directed and your solutions truly matter.”
Anup Patil, co-founder and CEO, Intangles
“The spirit of curiosity and exploration plays a crucial role in guiding entrepreneurial success. Business victories rely on taking risks, persevering through challenges, and seeking constant growth. A key characteristic of successful individuals is having ambitious aspirations. It is prudent to aim high and give your all to achieving it. Yet, the true magic lies in forming a team to bring these aspirations to reality and empowering them to execute the vision. In the pursuit of such a vision, you not only make a huge impact but also garner great stories to tell. So, embrace curiosity, aspire boldly, and collaborate wisely.”
Dilip Modi, founder, Spice Money
“Entrepreneurs embody the essence of dreamers, risk-takers, and innovators who are reshaping the world. My entrepreneurial journey is a tapestry woven with innovation, determination, and an unyielding pursuit of impact. I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey early in life, envisioning technology as a force capable of reshaping landscapes, transcending boundaries, and serving as a key enabler for achieving inclusive growth. Through diverse endeavors, I’ve discovered that entrepreneurship’s true power lies in empowering and driving meaningful change, beyond mere profits. My journey emphasizes that an entrepreneur’s legacy isn’t measured solely in personal gains but in the positive impact on individuals, communities, and the larger society.”
Rahul Pagidipati, CEO, ZebPay
“Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind progress, pushing boundaries and redefining possibilities. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of resilience and determination. It’s not just about the wins; it’s about the lessons learned from failures and the unwavering commitment to keep moving forward. The startup ecosystem, especially in India, is a testament to the incredible resourcefulness and creativity that entrepreneurs bring to the table. The tech entrepreneurs have the opportunity to harness the potential of blockchain and crypto to enhance financial systems and foster financial inclusion on a global scale. As we navigate a world of rapid technological advancements, entrepreneurs must stay adaptable and open to new ideas.”
Aakash Anand, founder, BELLAVITA
“Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success; its lessons forge resilience. Foster an unquenchable curiosity, as learning fuels innovation. Prioritize your team’s growth, for united spirits conquer challenges. Adapt swiftly, for the business landscape dances with change. Nurture a genuine connection with your audience; they propel your journey. Champion a purpose beyond profit, for impactful enterprises endures. Trust your instincts, but supplement them with diligent research. Balance risk with calculated steps, and remember, patience births triumph. In this expedition, tenacity trumps all; let perseverance be your North Star on the odyssey of entrepreneurship.”
Rahul Garg, CEO and founder, Moglix
“Entrepreneurship isn’t a profession; it’s a way of life—a journey filled with moments that define who you are and the impact you make. For an entrepreneur, challenges are the stepping stones and the pursuit of innovation is the guiding star. In their audacious ventures lies not only economic development but also the very transformation of societies. Entrepreneurs in the B2B manufacturing and infrastructure domain are the harbingers of innovation, collaborating to reshape possibilities and exceed limits. India needs more and more entrepreneurs to fuel its growth and drive positive change.”
Being a successful entrepreneur looks great on paper but in reality, it is a wearisome process that takes a lot of effort. The above mentioned business advice on how to become successful entrepreneurs may help you increase your chances of success and help you find your entrepreneur journey a lot easier to walk.
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