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By Rishu Gandhi
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In this modern era, Women entrepreneurs have been making an outstanding impact on the growing domain of entrepreneurship. It has certainly been a long process to reach where women entrepreneurs are today. However, there still persist certain odds blocking their way if they are in the experiential events space in India. If one tries to dig in, the challenges will be numerous with a multitude of reasons. Here is the list of top 5 challenges that act as the main hurdles for women entrepreneurs in India:
1. Family Support: Family support constitutes to be the major support system for any person. However, it acts as a more important catalyst for a woman who aspires to be an entrepreneur since she has to go out and face the world. Not only do they have to excel at their work, but they are also bestowed with the responsibility of excelling at their homes. This balance could be maintained well only if they are backed up by ample family support. Most of the women entrepreneurs find this as a major hurdle when they are not supported by their families while trying to fly and touch the skies. In such a circumstance, all you got to do is- have patience and make your family understand your dreams in a better way and what you aim to do. An open dialogue is the only saviour here.
2. Access to Adequate Funding: Raising funds is an important challenge for any entrepreneur. However, it takes a graver face when it comes to women entrepreneur. Due to some pre-conceived notions that do not trust the capabilities of women entrepreneurs, investors often have numerous inhibitions whenever there is an investment proposal from an enterprise run by a woman. Here, you need to remember that you can prove your competency to your counterpart only with actions, not with words. Show your investors that you are confident of your business plan and you know it will reach the peak of success if funded adequately and with trust.
3. Limited Scope of Mobility: Owing to the restrictions imposed by their families, there are a lot of women entrepreneurs who find it difficult to travel to different cities in order to fulfil their business needs. The unsafe atmosphere outside and problematic perception of the people bind the thoughts of families which leads to curbing women from travelling much. This problem can be overcome only by communicating well to your family and taking them in trust that you are moving only towards your goal when you are seeking their co-operation to travel.
4. Inadequate Practical Experience: Women in India are hardly trained to do well in business or as an entrepreneur. This often leads to a wide gap between the entrepreneurial skills of men and women. Since women are not given the right exposure, they lack the entrepreneurial bent of mind and practical knowledge which results in the insignificant output. Budding women entrepreneur must take a course, attend workshops and conferences on entrepreneurship before starting on their own. While this will give them ample learning on the subject, they will also help them in getting exposed to the right set of experiences to nurture their venture well.
5. Serious Acceptance: Just because of their gender, women entrepreneurs are often denied serious acceptance in their ecosystem. This paves way for a number of problems like not accepting them as apt leaders or not given due acknowledgment and encouragement to their efforts. Since they are not taken seriously enough, they often struggle in having the right set of people to work with. All women entrepreneurs must remember that your confidence is your key. Avoid the negative comments around you and keep striving hard to show what you are and what you can do.
Being a woman entrepreneur in India is not easy. But remember, bigger things do not come easy ever. If you have the courage to have your own enterprise, you certainly have the potential to make it work and reach the heights that you had dreamt for. Just have the faith in yourself and your hard work and you are set to astonish everyone around you.
Founder and Head- Brand Strategy, Mother Sparsh
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