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Seven feet Aliens in Peru in 2023: The Myths and Legends

Peru is a country with a rich history and culture, and it is also a place where many people believe that aliens have visited. There are many stories and legends about aliens in Peru in the past time, some of which are more credible than others.

Couple of  days before villagers in Peru were terrified as they claimed 07 feet flying aliens “ate faces” and attacked them. But the law enforcement officials of peru suspect that what villagers thought were the ‘pelacaras,’ (the face eaters) were actually members of an illegal gold mining syndicate hailing from different parts of Central and South America.

According to the locals thay described the attackers as silver-coloured beings with enormous heads, who were impervious to the tribe’s hunting weapons. a group of indigenous people, this summer’s ‘alien’ siege began on July 11, with locals facing vicious attacks by flying, 7-foot-tall mysterious beings in dark-colored hoods, as per a report by The Daily Mail.

But the The officials claimed that 07 feet aliens’ were actually  the gold miners mafia cendicate belonging to drug cartels like Brazil’s ‘O Primeiro Comando da Capital,’ Colombia’s ‘Clan del Golfo,’ FARC, which ravaged Latin America for decades.

Now a days they are using jetpack-flying gold cartels are now trying to instill fear by spreading an ‘alien’ terror through their actions in Peru, as per the prosecutors. They claimed that these cartels aim at keeping the local people locked in their homes and away from the illegal gold pits of the cartels so.

These “gold mafia” groups have been ejected from their own countries by their respective militaries, according to Peruvian officials,and have now descended on Peru to hunt for gold illegally.

The illegal mining gangs are clearly using sophisticated technology to propel in and out of the area and an investigation is underway by the authorities in peru. 

But again, we can not denay the stories of aliens in puru.

One of the most famous stories is about the Nazca Lines. These are giant geoglyphs that were created by the Nazca people between 500 BC and 500 AD. The lines depict a variety of shapes, including animals, plants, and geometric designs &more. Some people believe that the Nazca Lines were created as landing strips for alien spacecraft.

Another famous story is about the Paracas humanoids. These are mummified bodies that were found in the Paracas peninsula in the 1920s. The bodies are remarkably well-preserved, and they have some strange features, such as elongated skulls and large eyes. Some people believe that the Paracas humanoids were aliens or the descendants of aliens.

There have also been many reports of UFO sightings in Peru. In 2015, a group of tourists reported seeing a large, triangular UFO flying over the Nazca Lines. The UFO was reportedly silent and did not emit any lights.

While there is no concrete evidence to support the existence of aliens in Peru, the stories and legends persist. Whether you believe them or not, there is no doubt that Peru is a fascinating place with a rich history and culture.

Here are some other places in Peru that are said to be hotspots for alien activity:

The Titicaca Lake: This lake is located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, and it is said to be a portal to another dimension.

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Titicaca Lake, Peru

The Chachapoyas ruins: These ruins are located in the Amazon rainforest, and they are said to be the home of a lost alien civilization.

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Chachapoyas ruins, Peru

The Nazca desert: This desert is home to the Nazca Lines, and it is also said to be a place where aliens have been seen.

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Nazca desert, Peru

The Moche pyramids: These pyramids are located in the Moche Valley, and they are said to be built by aliens.

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Moche pyramids, Peru

Whether or not you believe in aliens, Peru is a fascinating country with a rich history and culture. If you are interested in learning more about the myths and legends of aliens in Peru, I encourage you to visit the country and explore for yourself.

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