Ovations puts E=MC2 into practice as it celebrates 25 years – ITWeb

Ovations Group, which positions itself as a leader in enterprise digital enablement and people enablement, is proud to announce its 25th anniversary in business. Established in 1999, Ovations Group has played a significant role in today's digital landscape by helping local and global organisations successfully navigate digital transformation initiatives.
As a privately owned company with employees and shareholders reflecting South Africa’s rich diversity, Ovations Group offers value-added services and solutions to a broad set of clients, including blue-chip South African enterprises and public entities. The company's purpose is to create positive internal and external change through innovation and excellence, a commitment realised through its unique formula: Excellence in execution = masterful contribution and commitment.
With 25 years of experience, Ovations Group has adapted to industry changes and evolved with technological advancements. The company's deep knowledge and expertise enable it to provide tailored solutions and anticipate potential challenges. Ovations Group’s proven track record and satisfied clientele are testaments to its reliability and commitment to excellence. With over 400 clients and more than 1 000 projects successfully completed, Ovations Group is a 'partner of consequence', bringing its collective experience to provide the best possible advice and outcomes.
Ovations Group has successfully partnered with top technology companies globally, including Atlassian, AWS, Blue Prism, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, NiceActimize, Nintex, Open Text, Oracle, Red Hat, Software AG and Tibco, among others. The company’s current focus is on growing its IBM and Atlassian partnerships, having achieved Gold Status in both, with plans to move onto Platinum status within the next 24 months. These strategic partnerships ensure seamless integration and optimisation, driving efficiency, productivity and business growth for customers.
Ovations Group's strong presence in South Africa provides a better grasp of local market dynamics, regulatory landscapes and cultural nuances. The company’s ability to offer on-the-ground support fosters closer collaboration and faster response times. While proudly South African, Ovations Group provides world-class solutions to clients across the globe, including the United Kingdom and across Africa.
Ovations Group is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by exploring and adopting emerging technologies and preferred practices. The company proactively upskills its workforce to remain at the forefront of digital transformation trends. This approach empowers clients to future-proof their operations and adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape.
Partnering with Ovations Group, a seasoned hyper-automation specialist, brings numerous benefits, including expertise, reliability and commitment to driving successful digital transformation initiatives. Experience the advantages of working with a trusted and knowledgeable partner by exploring Ovations Group's offerings.
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