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By Komal Nathani
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Be it industries, individual companies, family businesses or a partnership firm, India as a diversified country has grown from traditional to home-grown to the best in technology-based businesss ideas.
The Indian business industry has evolved seamlessly over the years from A.D to B.C to now, and has outlined the plausible roadmap to inspire and run through for the next coming generations.
There are many Indian business entities that have been persistent in following their businesses generations after generations for more than a century, despite of any sort of social or economic influence from industry.
Companies like Jessop and Company, Bombay Dying, Dabur, have started their operations date back to the early 17&1800s, and have survived themselves prolonged for centuries. These companies are unequivocally the real inspiration for the fellow businesses.
In the trend of spreading startup ecosystem all over the place in Indian business segment, are we forgetting those who have had adapted and find their niche among the surges and dips in industry?
Here are the #5 oldest business ideas that could expand their frontiers in the current business segment in industry.
This business idea traces back to the Indus Valley Civilization as pottery-making is one of the earliest and oldest skills of Indians. This industry still doesn’t have a brand recognition on the global map in business segment, however, the beautiful excavations have been practiced for years in Indian villages and towns. Potteries in India, is one of the big attractions for foreigners and tourists because of its making which can be done in both hand-made wheel-made forms.
The ancient and the oldest art of Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad town, the glass bangle-making is the household craft with traditional technique that is being passed on through generations. Firozabad, is known as the biggest glass bangle manufacturer in the world which is being producing glass bangles for more than 200 years from now. There is an escalating demand for the bangles in the jewellery segment in women’s accessories industry, which is still awaited for the big entrant to cover and exhibit it overseas.
It’s wrong if you think earning money is only appropriate when we are not having too much fun. One of the oldest Indian cultures of plantation and farming can serve you pots of money if you embrace a skill and art of farming in your hands. If one is creative and mindful of many ideas, the India’s very culture of farming could come with a lot of business ideas with organic touch in farming being one of the largest agriculture manufacturers.
A common daily activity of most Indians has taken a notable shape of big business opportunity with the huge demand in market. The unlikely category of milk and dairy products has been seeing some of the most frenetic activity over the past couple of years. This industry has doubled their market growth in Indian business segment. The Indian dairy milk providing company Amul is undoubtedly the market leader, but now the new entrants in market are trying their hunches out to take their slices of humongous demand.
With one or the specialty in hand-made textile industry in every state of diversified India, there is a humongous amount of opportunity in textile market. The current slump in textile industry is seemingly the time to revive its growth by making textile available digitally for overseas demand. The ever-growing textile market is one amongst the oldest business ideas, which every 2 in 5 small businessmen adopt to work out on.
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