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Configr Technologies

Starting an IT services company can seem daunting, especially when the market is saturated, and advertising budgets are tight.
However, it’s possible to build a successful business without spending a dime on traditional advertising.
In this article, I will share my journey of starting an IT services company, focusing on the power of content creation and strategic networking, which helped me grow my business to a full-time income.
Every business starts with a great idea, a hardship forcing a change, or a mixture of both…
My journey began when my last employer required me to move somewhere I wasn’t willing to go to continue my employment with them.
Don’t get me wrong, it was an amazing company to work for. However I couldn’t see My Family and I moving to their HQ in California, so I resigned.
A while back, I started Configr Technologies to consolidate side work I was doing into a real business so everything would be on the up and up while I continued to maintain a “real job”.
During this time I noticed that many companies, both large and small, struggle with having the right staff in place, modernizing their business, developing bespoke applications for their specific niche, or setting up a budget for a dedicated IT department just to mention a few.
This gap in the market presented a unique opportunity that I did see some providers filling but they were mostly approaching these issues with legacy software solutions or were afraid to innovate and progress the client with a future-forward approach.
Before diving into the business, I spent years honing my skills and gaining experience in various IT roles: IT Consultant, Network Manager, Technician Manager, IT Manager, Jr. Dev, Staff Dev, DB Admin, Senior Software Engineer, and CTO.
I worked in different environments, from SMEs to one of the largest technology companies in the world, and acquired diverse skills in software development across various technology stacks, network administration, system administration, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, and more…
I did this work at various corporate and contract levels.
Having extensive experience in various technology roles has become the foundation for Configr Technologies.
It allows me to create customized, cost-effective solutions for my clients that meet their needs without pushing unnecessary features on them.
I write a lot about various technologies on the Company blog as well as LinkedIn, Medium, and Facebook. This part is an important step to how I got to where I am now and will hopefully continue to allow my business to grow looking into the future.
Creating a Landing Page/Website
The first step in establishing my business was creating an online presence for my business to grow.
I invested time designing a clean, user-friendly website that clearly outlined who I am and what I am passionate about technology.
In the beginning, I had a services menu and a way to generate sales on the site, but I ditched all that to focus completely on content creation.
I had it in my head that the not-so-secret way to build a technology services company was to first show you are passionate about technology at its various levels, and then, the clients will come. And they did, in the slowest possible manner… Uh oh.
Identifying the Target Audience
Understanding my target audience was essential in every measure of the word.
I identified that my primary audience consisted of SMEs, IT Leadership in Larger Organizations, and Tech Startups.
Tailoring my content to address their specific needs and pain points helped attract the right visitors to my blog.
It was working while still dragging its feet a little…
Creating High-Quality, Relevant Content
I focused on creating high-quality, relevant content that provided real value.
My articles cover many topics, including how-to guides, staffing discussions, best practices, relevant policies, industry trends, and things that many people running a business may never have heard of, including myself.
I ensured that each article was well-researched, detailed, and easy to understand, even for non-technical readers.
I developed a script to go by over the months and stuck to it. It made writing multiple articles a week much easier and more efficient.
Consistency is Key
Consistency was everything; if I missed a day, my audience felt it, and I did as well in the number of people reaching out to me for work.
I committed to a regular posting schedule, ensuring that new content was published at least 10 times per week… Yes, you heard me 10 TIMES.
This was key; if it was less, I saw a big dip in headcount for at least two days; if it was too much more than 10, I noticed people would unfollow me because they were sick of my posts.
This consistency helped me maintain a steady audience flow and established my content as a reliable source of technology-related information, specifically business technologies, and strategies.
One other super important note to add here, I removed all paywalls from my content. **gasp**
It made a huge difference in visibility and brought in double the amount of business inquires.
I’m not advocating by any means that people worldwide should remove paywalls from their writing. People make a living this way and I believe in it.
However, if you want to attract an audience of business owners and decision-makers to view your content, it might be worth cutting out paywalls so you can ensure they see your content.
I’ll keep this part short and sweet.
While I avoided keyword stuffing, I made sure to follow basic SEO principles.
I conducted keyword research to understand what my targeted audience was searching for and naturally incorporated these keywords into my articles.
I also focused on-page SEO elements such as meta titles, descriptions, headers, and SEO-friendly Titles/Secondary Titles.
Sharing Content on Social Media Platforms
To expand my reach, I shared my blog posts on various social media platforms as mentioned earlier in the article.
This not only drove traffic to my website but also helped in building a community of followers who were interested in my content.
Engaging with the Audience
I actively engaged with my audience on social media by responding to comments, participating in discussions, and sharing relevant industry news.
This engagement helped me build relationships and establish my credibility even further.
Joining Online Communities
I joined several online communities and forums related to IT and Software Development.
By actively participating in discussions and offering help, I built relationships with other professionals and potential clients.
These communities also provided valuable insights into the challenges and needs of my target audience.
Attending Industry Events
Whenever possible, I attend industry events, conferences, and meetups. I do this on a local, regional, and national scale.
Networking in person helped me build stronger connections and expand my professional network.
These events also provided opportunities to showcase my expertise and gain new clients.
Providing Exceptional Service
One of the most effective ways to generate referrals is by providing exceptional service.
I ensured that every client received top-notch service and support and I make sure they continue to receive this level of support for the life of the contract.
This led to repeat business and encouraged satisfied clients to refer my services to others… which led to.
Encouraging Client Testimonials
I encouraged all clients to provide testimonials and reviews if they were satisfied with my services.
These testimonials are offered to new prospective clients upon request to add credibility and reinforce piece of mind when selecting Configr Technologies as their service provider.
Some of my clients even let me demonstrate my creations for their business, securely of course, to prospective clients because they are so happy with how their new solutions, provided by Configr, have changed their company’s workflow.
Service Offerings, Where I Started, and Where Configr is Headed.
Here, I started slowly by offering hosting, account administration, and small-scale application development.
This allowed me to test the waters to see if I would even want to do this for a living and also allowed me to provide superior service since I was not creating an environment where I would be constantly overwhelmed by work.
Diversifying my services is the next step in increasing revenue flow for Configr; I have recently added larger-scale Software Development projects to the company portfolio, and I am working on positioning Configr as a leading developer of AI-related projects in my region and soon beyond that.
Hiring a Team
It has been me and some in-house developed AI “assistants” in the beginning…
This allowed me to take on more clients and larger projects without compromising on the quality of service since I was in complete control.
Building a reliable and ambitious team is the next step in scaling the business.
I am hiring some people this summer due to the new contracts Configr has secured, and this is just the beginning…
Managing Time and Resources
One of the biggest challenges was managing time and resources effectively.
Balancing client work, content creation, and business development required careful planning and prioritization.
I used in-house developed project management software, read countless books on staying organized, and ensured all tasks were completed on time.
If they weren’t, all it takes is one bad brick to bring the wall tumbling down…
Staying Updated with Industry Trends
The IT industry constantly changes and grows in unexpected directions, with new technologies and trends emerging regularly.
Staying updated with these changes was essential to provide relevant and up-to-date services.
I invested time in continuous learning and professional development to keep my skills and knowledge current.
The Bad, Guess What? It’s Inevitable
It was 100% a slugfest.
I questioned myself constantly; I barely slept, and not having a predictable source of income each month was eating away at my soul.
There was a lot of doubt, etc, flowing through my head daily.
Bills went unpaid for the first time since I was young and stupid.
I had to think about what to buy at the store to ensure I would have something left in the bank.
I had to lean on the support of others for the first time in forever.
I have a Family to support, I thought to myself.
WTF was I thinking? Man, I’m a world-class idiot…
The Good
In the past month and a half, things have started to improve drastically. After what felt like an eternity (just over a year), I finally reached a point where the income from Configr was enough to cover the business expenses.
Something positive was happening. I am still slightly on edge because I am not bringing in what I used to earn at Big Fat Tech Inc., but I am going to be able to support my family.
By the end of this summer, I will have achieved financial stability, allowing me to clear any debts from the past year and enjoy quality time with my family on trips and other activities like we used to.
Through consistent effort and a strategic approach, I have finally grown Configr Technologies into what I have always dreamed of, a business I own and can be proud of and I am so excited to take the journey further.
Content is King
Providing valuable, relevant content is a powerful way to attract and engage your target audience.
High-quality blog posts and articles can drive organic traffic and establish credibility as an expert in your field.
Consistency Matters
Consistency in content creation and engagement is essential.
Regularly publishing new content and actively participating in online communities helps in building a loyal audience and maintaining a steady flow of traffic.
Leverage Social Media
Social media platforms are valuable tools for sharing content, building relationships, and expanding your reach.
Engaging with your audience on social media can lead to new opportunities and clients.
Networking and Relationships
Building strong relationships with other professionals and potential clients is key to generating referrals and growing your business.
Participate in online communities, attend remote and in-person industry events, and provide exceptional service to encourage word-of-mouth referrals.
Adapt and Evolve
The IT industry is constantly changing.
Staying updated with industry trends and continuously improving your skills and services is essential to remain competitive and relevant.
Starting and growing an IT services company without advertising is challenging but entirely possible.
By prioritizing content creation, strategic networking, and exceptional service, you can build a successful business with a full-time income, you just have to be willing to fight.
My journey is evidence of the effectiveness of these strategies, and I hope it motivates others to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations in the IT industry.
Keep focused, and make your own luck.
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Last and most important, enjoy your Day!

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