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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner insists it is “business as normal” for his team as they prepare for the new season while he faces an investigation into his conduct.

He spoke to media including RaceFans, at the launch of their new RB20 car today, for the first time since the investigation came to light. It is being conducted by the racing team’s parent organisation, based in Austria.
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Horner has denied the allegations he faces. He spoke at length to a company lawyer last week and no end date for the investigation has been indicated.
Meanwhile the first practice session for the new season is just two weeks away. Horner said the ongoing investigation has not deflected his attention from the team’s efforts to defend the championships it and driver Max Verstappen won last year.
“My focus is very much on the season ahead,” he said. “It has been business as normal.
“Obviously there is an investigation that I am obviously complying with and I am working with fully. So that is very much going on in the background whilst preparing for the season ahead.”
“Inevitably there has been a distraction,” he admitted. “But the team are very together. Everybody’s focussed on the season ahead, so it’s been very much business as normal, and the support has been fantastic.”
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Red Bull is marking its 20th season in Formula 1 this year, all of which Horner has overseen. The team began its launch today with a video reflecting on its past glories, and series of championship triumphs with Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel.
However Horner indicated he is not contemplating the possibility his time in charge of the team may soon come to an end.
“My focus is very much on the year ahead and the racing ahead of us,” he said. “I think the whole team is tremendously proud of what we’ve achieved in the last 19 seasons, but it’s always what lies ahead of you rather than what’s behind you.
“But with great pride in what we’ve done in 19 years as we come into our 20th season, there’s some big moments. Some real highs, a few lows in there, but some outstanding performances.”
Horner was placed in charge of the team when Dietrich Mateschitz purchased the former Jaguar team from Ford. Mateschitz died in 2022, and news of the investigation prompted speculation Horner is now at the centre of a struggle for control of the team, which he denied.
“We’re very united,” said Horner. “We’ve always had tremendous support from the shareholders. Since Dietrich’s passing the shareholders have been incredibly supportive. And you see the investment that there is on the canvas here with powertrains and the future of Formula 1. We’re one team.”
“It’s business as normal,” he added.
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earthling (@34rthl1ng)
15th February 2024, 20:35
Witch hunt, anyone?
16th February 2024, 8:36
Witch hunt, anyone?
“Witch hunt, fake news, maga, crooked someone…”
Sorry, wrong delusion.
Zann (@zann)
15th February 2024, 21:28
i’m beginning to think it’ll just fizzle. They could have done it quietly, I mean the woman hasn’t said a thing has she, not gone to the media or anything, but no it’s a big drama that’s distracted from Lewis and everything in the off season, so the drinks brand has been mentioned several million extra times. And the verdict is going to be by one person, that the drinks company is paying.
I could see Helmut retiring and less of Jos hanging around leeching the glory
15th February 2024, 21:58
Did you see the interview? I liked the way Horner snapped at the woman asking questions. “Did I say you could speak? Go to your room and don’t come out till you’re told.”
Seriously though, he looked crest fallen like this whole affair has got to him. I hope he can survive these shenanigans.
MadMax (@madmax)
16th February 2024, 13:47
so you know the details, or you judge based on your bias only?
pcxmac (@pcxmac)
15th February 2024, 21:58
as easy targets as they are, it could be an Austrian/Porsche deal to. It sounds like Horner is on thin ice these days. Ford better pay off for him and RBR, but he will have to dance very carefully these next two years.
16th February 2024, 8:02
@zann it appears that the reason the person who raised the complaint did not say anything to the press is because there is a non-disclosure agreement in place – i.e. the parties involved have agreed to not disclose details to the press to not prejudice the investigation in one way or the other.
F1 Fan
16th February 2024, 10:24
Not to prejudice by leaking just enough details for speculation. Lol.
Zann (@zann)
16th February 2024, 10:35
so she signed an NDA, when? That is the point isn’t it. It’s not as if there was a scandal that they had to respond to, it was secret from the start then they made it a public drama
Coventry Climax
16th February 2024, 10:40
And the picture above it all just adds visually to the speculation:
What will fall out of the cabinet they’re standing around?
The photograph shows the space between Newey and Horner saying: ’20 yrs of Red Bull culture in racing’.
Not very clever choices by Red Bull either, though.
Still, it’s all just speculation so far.
F1 Fan
16th February 2024, 11:00
He looked finished in the presentation though.
I don’t see why Jos or Max have an issue with Horner. Similarly I don’t see why Helmut whose contract is up next year will want to have a power struggle with Horner. My opinion is that the longer it takes the less there’s concreteness in the evidence and the case and the more likelihood it’s just someone misinterpreting what was said and complaining. Because any serious allegations at a big organization with well defined code of conduct and concrete evidence is a done case regardless of whoever is the person in charge. At the very least Horner would have been told to move aside in such a scenario. Red Bull just filmed an entire launch with him.
I can understand there being a power struggle since Mateschitz passing with Oliver wanting to take over Red Bull however.
F1 is basically drama and this off season didn’t disappoint.
16th February 2024, 11:50
My opinion is that the longer it takes the less there’s concreteness in the evidence and the case
My opinion is that the longer it takes, the more money the legal representatives will collect.
Oh, sorry, that one is a fact. Everything else is speculation.
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