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GradRight Raises INR 50 Crore In Series A Funding – Entrepreneur

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By Teena Jose
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Ed-fintech startup GradRight has raised INR 50 crore in Series A funding from IvyCap Ventures, a venture capital firm. Tej Kapoor, managing partner of IvyCap Ventures will be joining the board of GradRight on behalf of IvyCap Ventures. The infusion of funds will serve as a catalyst for GradRight’s vision to transform college selection and financing for students through its AI-powered ecosystem of universities and banks.
In a joint statement, Aman Singh, co-founder and CEO of GradRight and Sasidhar Sista, co-founder and COO said, “Globally, millions of capable students struggle to select and finance their higher education. Four out of five students who aspire to pursue higher education are unable to enroll, mainly due to a lack of adequate guidance and financial constraints. As a tech-first company with a platform-based approach to solving these problems, we are committed to ensuring that every student has the resources they need to obtain the education they deserve. We are delighted that IvyCap Ventures shares our vision and has chosen to support us in our mission and global ambition. Their belief in our unique business model further strengthens our commitment.”
The company also stated that it aims to make international higher education accessible and affordable for lower and middle income students across the world. As a B2C-SaaS ed-fintech ecosystem, GradRight brings together prospective students, universities, and lenders on a single platform. By leveraging technology, data science, and community, GradRight empowers students to make informed decisions on high-return programs, enables universities to identify and admit the most suitable students, and facilitates banks in financing the dreams of high-potential students.
Commenting on the investment, Vikram Gupta, founder and managing partner of IvyCap Ventures stated, “At IvyCap Ventures, we invest in passionate founders with credible professional experience and strong backgrounds, who are committed to highly scalable and innovative business models. GradRight has the potential to transform the global higher education admissions and financing market. Their technology-driven solution is well-positioned for profitable scaling; it is adaptable across markets and can emerge as a leader in the sector.”
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