Genocide in Rwanda? Massacre in Burundi? It's business as usual for Israel | Opinion – Haaretz

Twenty years before Hutus slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Tutsis in Rwanda, Tutsis massacred Hutus in Burundi. Records about Israel's military assistance to Rwanda remain top secret, but declassified Foreign Ministry correspondence about Burundi hints at indifference to ethnic massacres
Thirty years ago, in April 1994, the genocide began in Rwanda. There is no disputing that. Twenty-eight years later, it was even confirmed by Israel Supreme Court justice Isaac Amit. Genocide researcher Prof. Yair Auron has appealed to the court requesting it order the Ministry of Defense to reveal the extent to which Israeli weapons had been used by Hutus in Rwanda to murder their Tutsi fellow citizens. In his decision, Justice Amit agreed that a frenzy of murder took place in Rwanda in 1994 that “raged over a period of 100 days… these were ‘One hundred days of solitude’ from the point of view of the Tutsi, as the world stood by and watched while hundreds of thousands of their people were murdered, most of them with machetes.”


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