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Family Tried Gordon Ramsay Fast Food Chain in Orlando, Worth It – Business Insider

I’m a big fan of Gordon Ramsay. I’ve watched his shows for years, eaten at his Las Vegas restaurant, and even interviewed him for a story once — I’m happy to report he was nothing like his “Hell’s Kitchen” persona in person.
The chef’s Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips chain opened a location in Orlando, Florida, in 2021, and I’ve been wanting to stop in and give it a try.
Recently, my family and I happened to be at Icon Park, the shopping and entertainment complex where it’s located, so we visited for lunch.
Walking up to Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, we were greeted by a bright and cheerful entrance.
The restaurant’s doors are shaped like the iconic red phone booths found in the UK, and there are fish-shaped Union Jacks next to the sign.
Inside, the restaurant had a clean and simple decor with white tiling, barstool seating, and more nods to the Union Jack.
Ramsay’s face isn’t plastered across the dining area, but he does appear on QR-code stickers at each table.
There’s lots of fried deliciousness to choose from at Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, but the menu isn’t overwhelming. Guests choose between chicken, fish, shrimp, or combinations of fish and shrimp or lobster.
Beyond the basics, there are some naan-based sandwiches and loaded-fry options in addition to beer, wine, soft drinks, and milkshakes.
The menu also offers plenty of sauce options, including tartar and curry and mango.
I’m not a fan of barstool seating when dining with my family — it makes it much harder to chat with my teenagers. Instead, we sat outside on the beautiful patio, where there was plenty of shade under giant red umbrellas.
Since Icon Park is a bustling area full of shoppers and families, it was nice to take in the scenery and people-watch while we enjoyed our lunch.
The drinks menu at Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips is pretty straightforward. There’s white and rosé wine; a selection of domestic, imported, and craft beers; and sodas, tea, lemonade, and bottled water.
I went with a $12 can of chilled rosé and my husband chose a $7 can of craft beer. Both complemented our meal perfectly.
Our two teenagers went with fountain sodas, which were $3 each.
Since I figured I couldn’t visit Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips without trying the fish and chips, I ordered a $15 fish basket that came with fries and two sauces.
I’ve eaten a lot of fish and chips in my lifetime, but this version was the best I’ve had.
The batter was light and flavorful and the fish was moist and not at all fishy-tasting.
My teenage daughter ordered a $15 Chickenwich combo — a pair of sandwiches made up of a chicken tender along with cabbage slaw, sliced Roma tomatoes, house pickles, and Old Bay dressing.
Both the fish and chicken sandwiches at the chain are served on warm naan, which is delicious.
When a restaurant doesn’t have my son’s standard plain cheeseburger, he often defaults to chicken tenders.
At Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, the $14 chicken tenders were perfectly fried and crispy. He can be a tough guy to please, but he definitely enjoyed them.
My husband ordered the most expensive of our meals, the $20 lobster-and-shrimp combo.
Like the chicken and fish, these items were battered and fried to crispy, flavorful perfection. We’d never had lobster prepared like this before and were instantly big fans.
My husband has been talking about making a trip back next time we’re in Orlando just so he can order this meal again.
We didn’t order full-sized milkshakes, but the staff offered us some small sample portions to try.
The chain’s $7 milkshakes come in two flavors: strawberries and cream and Biscoff cookie. Both were really good, but the Biscoff was my favorite.
Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips was a quick and simple place to order lunch in Orlando. The fact that the food was so delicious just made the experience even better.
For $93, we got four entreés, wine, beer, and two soft drinks. And we’ll be heading back for the lobster alone.
There are lots of reasons it felt like a great value to my family, from how lovely it was to sit and talk on the patio to how exciting it felt to eat at another of Ramsay’s restaurants. 
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