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“Everything You Need to Know About Clay Brick Making and Machines in India”

What is the manufacturing process of clay brick?

The bricks are the basic building block of trillion of households in maximum countries around globe. Hence, the bricks are required in huge numbers. Before our solution, the brick-kiln’s owners mold the raw materials into the shape of bricks.   The molding requires processing of raw materials to make it in moldable form and then need to compress in quality brick shape. The molded raw materials are then laid down to production area by the labors manually. The complete process is manually & highly labor intensive. Hence the labor faces problem of fatigue daily. It has created shortage of labors in the industry. It has led to bounded labor in the form of millions woman and child are trapped into it Further these particular labor getting specialization from their illiterate family as a skill gift to them and these specialize skill doesn’t  give them opportunity to flourish with prosperity to their coming generation.. 

Now snpc brought peneica solution in the form of fully automatic Mobile Brick Making Machine. it is automated to perform same operation while the vehicle is on move and lay down bricks. Mobile clay brick making machine can produce upto 12000to 25000+  bricks per hour without any hassle and it can perform a person whole day work within 3-4 minutes.

What are the raw materials for clay brick making?

The raw materials for clay brick making are clay, water, and sand. Other materials such as shale, coal gangue, and fly ash can also be used as additives to improve the quality and properties of the bricks but it is not easy to do it manually hance. Then it is mixed in SnPC stone separator and after that laid by SnPC mobile brick making machines .

What is the cost of a manual & fully automatic brick making machine?

The cost of a manual brick making machine varies depending on the manufacturer, the quality of the machine, and the features it offers. Generally, a manual brick making machine can range anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars according to the US & asian market. It is best to do some research and compare different options before making a purchase. But you should buy fully automatic Mobile brick making machines By SnPc Machines the one of the best solution provider in the global brick manufacturing market.

What kind of clay is used for bricks?

Various types of clay can be used for making bricks, but the most commonly used clay is known as “fire clay” or “refractory clay.” This type of clay is able to withstand high temperatures and has a low shrinkage rate when it is fired in a kiln. Other types of clay that can be used for making bricks include ball clay, kaolin clay, and shale clay or flyash. These types of clay can be use to make good quality of bricks by SnPC brick making machine 

What is the price of a small brick making machine in India?

The price of small brick making machines in India varies depending on the brand, model, and specifications of the machine. On average, the price ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. However, it is recommended to compare prices from different suppliers before making a purchase decision. But if you should spend little more and buy mobile brick making machine By SnPC machine you will get the best quality and quantity of bricks.

What is the price of fully automatic clay brick making machine in India? 

The price of fully automatic brick making machines in India varies depending on the brand, model, and specifications of the machine. 

If you are looking for the best solution then an indian startup snpc machines is the only one in the world, providing the fully automatic mobile brick making machines. This the MOBILE BRICK MAKING MACHINE (#FACTORY OF BRICK ON WHEELS) our innovative machine is 1st of its kind in the world which moves like a vehicle and lay the bricks while on move and it does gives freedom to the kiln owners to produce bricks anywhere as per their requirements. Mobile brick making machine production is 12000 bricks/hour with reducing 45% production cost in comparison with manual and other machinery as well as 4-times (as per testing agencies report) more in compressive strength with standard shape, sizes and another extra ordinary provision exist i.e (that is) machine produced several brick sizes and it can be change as per customer requirements from time to time. In  snpc is selling 4 models : BMM150-160, BMM300-310, BMM404-400, SBM180 (semi-automatic and fully automatic ) to the worldwide brick industry, we are offering direct customers access to multiple sites in both domestic and international stages, so they 1st see the demo and then will orders us after satisfaction. Customers can book the machine from then states or countries or he/she can come to us directly-both options available. Team Snpc claims with great pride that if the kiln owner will do perfect and professional management as per the advice of snpc expertise then the end users will recover their machine entire investment with more than 60 % profit Within a season (subject to the management and area to area)

But if you should spend little more and buy mobile brick making machine By SnPC machine you will get the best quality and quantity of bricks.

Fully automatic brick making machines models ?


Can you make clay bricks at your home or specific space is required ?

Yes, you can make clay bricks at home, but you will need a specific space to do so. Making clay bricks involves a process that requires enough space for mixing the raw materials, shaping the bricks, and drying them before firing. Additionally, you will need access to raw materials such as clay, water, and sand, which may not be readily available in some areas. Therefore, it’s essential to have a dedicated space for making clay bricks and ensure you have access to the necessary raw materials. If you want to produce in bulk then you can buy a SnPC made brick making machine .


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