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Recent research from IDC found that 85% of CEOs who were surveyed cited digital capabilities as strategic differentiators that are crucial to accelerating revenue growth. However, IT decision makers remain concerned about the risks associated with their digital infrastructure and the impact they might have on business outcomes, with data breaches and security concerns being the biggest threats.  
With the rapid growth of XaaS consumption models and the integration of AI and data at the forefront of every business plan, we believe that protecting data security is pivotal to success. It can also help clients simplify their data compliance requirements as organizations to fuel their AI and data-intensive workloads.  
Data is central to all AI applications. The ability to access and process the necessary data yields optimal results from AI models. IBM® remains committed to working diligently with partners and clients to introduce a set of automation blueprints called deployable architectures.  
These blueprints are designed to streamline the deployment process for customers. We aim to allow organizations to effortlessly select and deploy their cloud workloads in a way that is tailor-made to align with preset, reviewable security requirements and to help to enable a seamless integration of AI and XaaS. This commitment to the fusion of AI and XaaS is further exemplified by our recent accomplishment this past year. This platform is designed to enable enterprises to effectively train, validate, fine-tune and deploy AI models while scaling workloads and building responsible data and AI workflows. 
Business leaders need to take note of the importance of hybrid cloud support, while acknowledging the reality that modern enterprises often require a mix of cloud and on-premises environments to support their data storage and applications. The fact is that different workloads have different needs to operate efficiently.  
This means that you cannot have all your workloads in one place, whether it’s on premises, in public or private cloud or at the edge. One example is our work with CrushBank. The institution uses watsonx to streamline desk operations with AI by arming its IT staff with improved information. This has led to improved productivity and , which ultimately enhances the customer experience. A custom hybrid cloud strategy manages security, data latency and performance, so your people can get out of the business of IT and into their business. 
This all begins with building a hybrid cloud XaaS environment by increasing your data protection capabilities to support the privacy and security of application data, without the need to modify the application itself. At IBM, security and compliance is at the heart of everything we do.  
We recently expanded the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, a suite of modernized cloud security and compliance solutions designed to help enterprises mitigate risk and protect data across their hybrid, multicloud environments and workloads. In this XaaS era, where data is the lifeblood of digital transformation, investing in robust data protection is paramount for success. 
IBM continues to demonstrate its dedication to meeting the highest standards of security in an increasingly interconnected and data-dependent world. We can help support mission-critical workloads because our software, infrastructure and services offerings are designed to support our clients as they address their evolving security and data compliance requirements. Amidst the rise of XaaS and AI, prioritizing data security can help you protect your customers’ sensitive information. 

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