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Digi Yatra, the digital travel service launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, is planning to introduce some big changes after the foundation faced issues with its previous IT solutions provider called DataEvolve. The recent complication with the Indian start-up raised concerns among users as they were asked to reinstall the Digi Yatra app. The foundation is now planning to partner with top-tier Indian IT companies like Infosys and TCS, according to a report by Fortune India.
Digi Yatra was designed to streamline airport procedures through biometric technology. It quickly expanded to 14 major airports, with plans to include 14 more by the end of this month. The app had witnessed staggering growth before facing issues during the end of March. The Digi Yatra app users were suddenly unable to use the official app on their respective devices. At that instance, the app had registered around 19 million hits by 4.5 million individuals.
Without a prompt or any information from the official app, the users were left in a fix. However, the Digi Yatra foundation had introduced an all new app, making the previous version completely useless. This confusion led to a drop of users. According to the report, the app has witnessed a drop of over 50 per cent in daily users, down from 4.5 million to 2 million users a month. 
The issues regarding the selection of DataEvolve, the initial tech partner was assumed to be the reason for the major shift. However, Digi Yatra claimed that the shift to a new app was primarily because of domain change. 
Now, the Digi Yatra Foundation, led by CEO Suresh Khadaknbhavi, announced a strategic pivot toward collaboration with established IT giants. In the report, Khadaknbhavi is quoted saying, “We are now handling it internally. In the longer run, we plan to have a Tier 1 or Tier 2 IT partner like Infosys, or TCS. The RFP is in process. Currently, on Apple and Android, we are getting 45,000 users every day, and are reaching two million (we were at 4.5 million). We expect to reach the old numbers very soon.”
Khadaknbhavi also emphasised the foundation’s commitment to user privacy, asserting that no personal travel history is stored, in line with the principles of privacy by design and self-sovereign identity.
Digi Yatra also aims to expand its services internationally, facilitating smoother travel experiences through partnerships with global immigration authorities. Khadaknbhavi also claims that the foundation is enhancing user engagement through media partnerships and educational campaigns to rebuild confidence and inform travelers about the benefits and safety features of the app.
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