Denodo partners with Sonata IT India to help Indian companies manage their data better – CNBCTV18

Data management firm Denodo, announced on Tuesday (April 20) that it has partnered with Sonata Information Technology India Limited (SITL), a systems integrator in India, to introduce logical data fabric and data mesh capabilities to Indian enterprises.
According to a press release, this collaboration aims to equip businesses with tools to extract greater value from their distributed data sets, streamline operations, and bolster decision-making processes.
In today's business landscape, enterprises grapple with the complexities of managing vast volumes of data from diverse sources, exacerbated by the swift evolution of technologies such as generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).
To address these challenges effectively, this enterprise data layer is said to facilitate seamless access to real-time data irrespective of its location or format, empowering agile decision-making.
Sujit Mohanty, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at Sonata Information Technology, expressed enthusiasm about Denodo selecting Sonata as its tier-1 partner to expand logical data management availability in India. He emphasised the importance of a scalable data foundation in navigating the era of GenAI and highlighted Sonata's dedicated data practice and proprietary Platformation framework.
Ravi Shankar, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo, lauded Sonata's position in helping enterprises achieve modernisation-driven “hyper-growth.” He expressed delight in partnering with Sonata in the Indian market to offer Denodo's award-winning data management technology.
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