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By Rahul R
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Entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business for profits; but the process if done effectively could also potentially serve as an antidote to the unemployment sting that has now raised its ugly head. Also, with the government of India also offering multitude of incentives to entrepreneurs, it should do no harm for first-time entrepreneurs and those not desirous of working a conventional 9 to 6 job at offices in front of computers, to check out certain nuances of entrepreneurship for self employment and at minimum to combat having to kill free time.
In this regard, Entrepreneur India analyses 5 unconventional trends in the self employment sphere which could potentially lead to making people independent whilst allowing room for creativity to flow. Check out these trends below:
Blogging, to stimulate others’ thinking: In 2018, blogging about a range of aspects is considered a trend as there is a wider online audience; both in India as well as overseas; with an avid interest to read about multiple aspects. Entrepreneurs could cater to this audience. Digital blogging also generates money through various legal means viz advertisement placements sponsorships, at all. Hence, when done properly, blogging could also lead to a feeling of contentment as well as revenue for your pockets.

Adapting a franchise: If you have the resources, you could opt-in to become a franchisee for an already established local as well as international brand. Through this, your service offerings could potentially get better recognition and you could benefit as a leader by even offering employment opportunities to other people. The legacy of your associated brand would also be continued whilst generating mostly handsome returns on your investments. Opting for a franchise could also give you enough lessons to start a brand on your own, and thereby staying self employed throughout your working career.

Going back to your roots: Strange yet true, going back to the root occupation of India agriculture is one of the best ways to ensure that you are self reliant whilst being self employed. Nowadays, agriculture has received a much needed boost in the form of agritech startups which have technology-driven solutions directed wholly towards protecting the occupation as well as the ones who practice (farmers). If you own agricultural lands, try to look at what you could cultivate; you could consult experts and derive insightful suggestions.

Turning into an educator: You need not be an academician to be an educator; you could simply share personal courage stories, motivate others, and spread positivity by presenting a different perspective of life through a personal and holistic lens. Now, the advantage here is, you could harness the internet to indulge in all of these without even stepping out of your home. The TED conferences also offer an effective platform to share inspirational and unconventional success stories with the world. You could begin your own channel on YouTube (and other video sharing platforms) and throw light on various aspects, including academics.

By simply turning into a good samaritan: You could set up a center for supply of all things to better life of fellow citizens. This could range from, supplying blankets at subsidized rates during winters to the marginalised sectors, to lending a helping hand when it comes to arranging blood for critical patients. Entrepreneurship resorted to during these times would be most satisfying whilst letting you make monetary gains as well.
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