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By Teena Jose
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Boeing India is now inviting applications for the Boeing University Innovation Leadership Development (BUILD) program for 2023-24 from university students and early-stage startups in India. In its third edition now, the program encourages young entrepreneurial minds to incubate innovative ideas and create new market opportunities and global trends across industry verticals.
“Every year BUILD brings people, ideas, technologies, and processes together to nurture solutions that are viable and critical for the country. At Boeing, we are committed to contributing to the fast-growing startup ecosystem in India, and helping it harness many possibilities through the bright young minds of today. I would like to thank our incubator partners for their continued partnership and contribution to BUILD,” said Salil Gupte, president, Boeing India.
According to an official statement, the shortlisted teams will compete at a regional-level boot camp, and finalists will pitch their ideas to subject-matter experts on Boeing Immersion Day, to be held in Q1, 2024. The winners stand a chance to win cash prizes worth INR 10 lakh for each of the seven winning ideas from across the incubators. It also added, Boeing mentors and industry experts will interact and closely work with the finalists to refine and suggest ways to convert ideas into viable business offerings.
“BUILD has become a leading platform in the country’s startup ecosystem for creating and redefining solutions across key industries in the country. I am excited to see how ideas from ground up are nurtured, built, and sustained here, and the valuable results of enhanced interaction between our engineers, technologists, and the student and start-up community,” said Ahmed Elsherbini, managing director, Boeing India Engineering & Technology Center, and chief engineer, Boeing India.
Boeing continues to partner with seven incubators, namely, Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship – IIT Mumbai, Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer – IIT Delhi, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center – IIT Gandhinagar, IIT Madras Incubation Cell, Society for Innovation and Development – IISC Bengaluru, T-Hub Hyderabad, and Technology Business Incubator – KIIT Bhubaneshwar, to organize BUILD in India. The applicants will be invited to submit ideas in the fields of aerospace and defense, technology, social impact, and sustainability, noted the statement.
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