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Amid Divorce Chatter, Netizens Accuse Natasha Of Eyeing 70% Of Hardik Pandya's Wealth, Label It 'Business'—Why Are Women Always The Villains? – HerZindagi English

Let’s dive into how social media is portraying Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya’s rumoured split and how unfortunately this portrayal can negatively impact everyone’s mindset. 
Divorces are as common as weddings in India these days, but every time a couple part ways, our society is quick to point fingers at the woman. She’s always painted as the villain, the one responsible for the breakup, or the mastermind scheming to snatch away the man’s hard-earned wealth. That’s the latest drama in the rumoured Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya split.
Although neither has cleared the air around the speculations, social media is buzzing with memes and reels portraying Natasha as the “businesswoman” and Hardik as the “poor guy” whose heart was mercilessly shattered.
Speculations around Natasha Stankovic and Hardik Pandya’s divorce sparked when Natasha reportedly removed ‘Pandya’ from her social media surname and deleted photos with Hardik from her Instagram handle. Her absence from all Mumbai Indians’ IPL matches further fueled the speculation.
hardika pandya natasha breakup
Recently, Natasha was snapped around the city with a friend and was questioned by paparazzi about her divorce, to which she replied, “Thank you very much.” Interestingly, Stankovic’s response is also being interpreted in different ways in the context of the divorce rumours.
Throughout all of this, the couple has neither confirmed nor denied the news. While the truth remains unknown, many are quick to assume it’s Natasha’s clever move to ‘loot’ Hardik’s money and live luxuriously for the rest of her life.

70% Alimony: Fact Or Fiction?

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If you’re active on social media, we are sure your feed is flooded with reels mercilessly trolling Natasha too, for the hefty alimony she might receive from her divorce with Hardik Pandya. Some videos also claim that she would take home a staggering 70% of Pandya’s total assets, although how netizens come down to this figure remains a mystery.
We also spoke with our legal expert Siddharth Chandrashekhar, Advocate and Legal Counsel, Bombay High Court to understand if that jaw-dropping number had any legal weight or was just another attempt to shame a woman for calling it quits on her marriage.
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He said, “At present, In India, there is no fixed or average alimony percentage mandated by law. The determination of alimony and maintenance amounts is highly subjective and varies from case to case, based on several factors considered by the court. Determination of Alimony and Maintenance Factors considered by courts could vary depending on the income /financial status of both the spouses, the standard of living, duration of marriage, age and wealth of the partners, needs and responsibilities and to name a few.”
alimony in india
“Again, it is important to remember that there is no fixed percentage or fixed formula. There is no statutory guideline specifying a fixed percentage of the husband’s (or wife’s) income for alimony. Each case is unique, and the courts have wide discretion in determining the amount based on the aforementioned factors. Commonly, courts might award alimony ranging from anywhere between 20% to 40% of the spouse’s net income, but this is not a rule and varies widely,” Chandrashekhar concluded.

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On the other hand, a video of Hardik Pandya from his appearance on the show ‘Breakfast with the Champions’ hosted by Gaurav Kapoor is also going viral on social media. In the video, Pandya reveals that he has transferred half of his wealth to his mother. He says, “From having a car to a house to everything, everything is in her name. Mera bharosa nahi (I don’t trust myself). I won’t take anything in my name; I don’t want to give 50% to anyone in the future (laughs).” Netizens are now applauding Pandya for making such a smart decision well before he tied the knot with Natasha.
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Society’s Blame Game

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This isn’t the first time a woman’s caught the heat amidst divorce rumours. Every time there’s chatter around a divorce, society is quick to drag the woman down, making her feel worthless and undeserving of marital bliss, and this usually comes without hearing the other side of the story, just what is currently happening in Natasha-Hardik’s case.
No wonder, then, that many women across India, even those enduring constant torture in their marriages, hand in there since there is this constant fear of societal stigma and the cruel names the society will bestow. It’s high time we flip the script and change our mindsets!
We stand in the midst of 2024 and it seems like we are stuck in a loop, unable to have a fresh narrative for women. If only we could update our mindsets as quickly as our gadgets, we could provide women the dignified space they deserve. Don’t you agree?
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