7 Most Profitable Flower Business Ideas With Low Investment – Zee News

Set up a flower shop and provide all kinds of flowers, both common and rare, to your clients.
Set up a nursery on a piece of land. Try growing rare and high-demand flowers in your nursery, which would scale your sales.
Indians perform puja at their homes every day, and flowers are essential for it. Deliver fresh flowers to homes so that they can do pujas every day.
You can go for a dry flower business and sell consumers dried flowers which could be used as home decor, bouquet making, and other arrangements.
Start a flower bouquet business by collecting flowers in an artistic arrangement. Bouquets could be presented on birthdays, anniversaries, or funerals.
Create a flower seed storefront. The seed marketplaces on eBay, Etsy, and Instagram are all flourishing. Furthermore, you can sell seeds in person.
For parties, weddings, and conferences, hotels and conference halls require flowers. You can deliver them fresh flowers, bouquets, and garlands.
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