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37 IT Companies Move Out Of Punes Hinjawadi Due To Traffic Woes, Claims Report; Supriya Sule, Ravindra – Free Press Journal

Hinjawadi in Pune is known as a hub of IT companies, attracting techies from all over the country in search of job opportunities. However, according to a report, 37 companies have moved out of the city due to traffic woes, and more are on the verge of leaving.
According to a report by the Marathi news channel Zee 24 Taas, there are a total of 150 companies in Hinjawadi IT Park, employing about 5 lakh people. Approximately 1 lakh cars ply in Hinjawadi every day, with each car staying on the road for one and a half to two hours due to heavy traffic. As a result, fuel worth lakhs of rupees is being wasted. Additionally, companies lose 25 dollars per hour. Consequently, 37 companies have moved out of the city, and more are about to leave, the Hinjawadi Industries Association told the channel.
Reacting to this report, Baramati MP Supriya Sule, under whose constituency Hinjawadi falls, blamed the state government’s neglect. “While Maharashtra’s rightful employment opportunities are going out one after the other, the state government is just watching. Even before this, important industries have gone out. But the government has no time to pay attention to this. Now it has come to light that 37 companies have moved out of Hinjawadi IT Park in Pune. When an industry goes out, so do jobs and the future of the youth. The youth of Maharashtra are struggling to find employment, and this situation is caused by this government, which is careless about sustaining the industry,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).
महाराष्ट्राच्या हक्काचे रोजगार एकामागून एक बाहेर जात असताना राज्य सरकार केवळ बघ्याची भूमिका घेत आहे. यापुर्वीही महत्वाचे उद्योग बाहेर गेले, तरुणांच्या हक्काचा रोजगार हिरावून घेतला गेला. परंतु सरकारला याबाबतीत लक्ष घालायला वेळ नाही. आता पुण्यातील हिंजवडी आयटी पार्कमधून ३७ कंपन्या… pic.twitter.com/RlRkRp6jqw
Kasba MLA Ravindra Dhangekar targeted the government over the lack of proper planning and infrastructure in Pune. “The news that as many as 37 companies have moved out of Hinjawadi IT Park is increasing our tension. For one, the government is not making any effort to bring new employment to Pune. Now the companies that are there have also moved out of Pune, and the reason given for this is traffic jams. In the last ten years, we are facing the consequences due to the lack of proper planning and work on the infrastructure of Pune city. It takes nearly two hours for any common man to go from home to the office in the morning, while coming home from the office also takes two to three hours. Money has been spent on unnecessary things by the Municipal Corporation under the pretence of working to make the lifestyle of Pune residents comfortable. Traffic congestion could have been reduced by putting flyovers and grade separators at important intersections and major junctions. But no one is looking at these things and planning for the next 40-50 years. The traffic police are also unforgivably neglecting this. Traffic police and wardens must be present at every intersection when the road is crowded with office workers in the morning and evening,” he said, urging the chief minister and deputy chief ministers to take appropriate steps.
हिंजवडी आयटी पार्क मधून तब्बल ३७ कंपन्या बाहेर गेल्या असल्याची बातमी आपलं टेन्शन वाढवणारी आहे.
एक तर सरकार आपल्या पुण्यात नवा रोजगार आणण्यासाठी काही प्रयत्न करत नाही. आता ज्या कंपन्या आहेत त्या सुद्धा पुण्याच्या बाहेर गेल्यात आणि यासाठी कारण देण्यात आले आहे ट्राफिक जॅमचं….… pic.twitter.com/kRGZ71EYPB


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