10 IT Companies in Bangalore to Know – Built In

Some of tech’s biggest names are based in Karnataka’s capital city.
Bangalore, dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ is the de facto leader of the country’s IT sector. With more than a dozen IT parks, a rich startup ecosystem and thousands of IT firms, the city is responsible for roughly 40 percent of India’s total IT exports.
It also employs the most industry professionals in the country, at about 4.8 million workers. And, as the $110 billion sector expands, this number is expected to double over the next few years.
Thanks to its many special economic zones, Bangalore-based companies enjoy hefty tax relaxations and financial incentives, which may be why 80 percent of all global IT offices — including the following companies — call it home. 
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The world’s largest tech company, worth $1.3 trillion in market cap, specializes in internet-related services and products. Beyond its flagship search engine, Google has become a leader in artificial intelligence, adtech, cloud computing, e-commerce and consumer electronics. Of its four Indian offices, the California-headquartered company has two based in Bangalore, as well as an AI-focused research lab. With 135,000 full-time employees in total, Google is set to expand its presence in India with a $10 billion investment and plans to double its company size. 
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The German multinational software corporation is known for its enterprise-grade, data-processing solutions that help businesses manage operations and customer relations. The world’s leading ERP vendor employs a 43,000-person workforce in 17 countries, selling database software and cloud-engineered systems suites that unify human capital, customer experience, product lifecycle and supply chain management onto one platform. Its Bangalore branch is responsible for producing 40 percent of SAP’s entire research and development exports. In 2023, the IT company broke ground on a second Bangalore-based branch, with a 41-acre campus designed to bring 15,000 new jobs to the city. 
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Intuit is a fintech software company that serves over 100 million customers globally with its line of financial, accounting and tax preparation products. Its portfolio includes tax preparation app TurboTax, small business accounting program QuickBooks, credit monitoring service Credit Karma and automated email marketing platform Mailchimp. The $14.4 billion-in-revenue company employs 17,300 employees in nine different countries, and has been recognized as a ‘best company to work for’ for fourteen consecutive years in a row.
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Cisco develops and manufactures networking hardware, software and related IT services. The California-based conglomerate is a major facilitator of information exchange and internet connectivity as its expansive line of products — from routers, switches and wireless tech to firewalls and servers — are used by businesses, service providers and government bodies worldwide. Since its start in 1984, Cisco has acquired over 200 firms as it zeros in on emerging technologies such as AI, 5G wireless, data infrastructure and cybersecurity. Today, it’s worth over $51 billion in revenue and employs more than 83,000 people.
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This software-as-a-service provider develops multimedia software for content creation. Adobe’s line of creative cloud products, like image-editing program Adobe Photoshop, vector-based illustration app Adobe Illustrator and graphic design software Adobe InDesign, have become industry standard tools. Of its 29,000 global employees, 7,800 of them spread across five India-based campuses, making the country home to Adobe’s largest employee base outside of the United States. And, in 2023, the company announced the opening of a new office tower in Bangalore to onboard another 2,000 workers.
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Global IT and consulting services company Infosys is the second largest India-based IT firm, with $18 billion in revenue and more than 328,000 employees. This ‘super six’ tech leader assists more than 1,800 clients execute a complete digital transformation using AI-powered solutions. Operating out of 56 countries, its services include app development, system integration, cloud migration and deployment, data analytics and cybersecurity. Headquartered from an 81-acre campus featuring a glass pyramid media center in Bangalore, Infosys is the only Indian company to make Time’s top 100 ‘world’s best companies’ list in 2023. In total, there are 12 Infosys offices across the city. 
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Another IT tech giant based in Bangalore, Wipro Limited is the country’s third largest IT company, worth $11.3 billion in revenue and a company size of 245,000 employees across 65 countries. Originally founded as a vegetable oil manufacturer in 1945, the company has since become a primary provider of cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital transformation, AI, robotics and data analytics to a diverse customer base across various industries. For 10 consecutive years, Wipro has been recognized as one of the world’s most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.
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With more than 615,000 employees across 46 countries, Tata Consultancy Services is India’s largest IT tech company. And, at a valuation of $43 billion and market cap of $159 billion, it’s been named the country’s most valuable firm overall. Its suite of software services include app development, consulting, information security, infrastructure support and network connectivity to its clients in banking, finance and insurance as well as retail, communications and healthcare. In 2023, TCS announced plans to hire 40,000 recent graduates in the upcoming year, and was one of two IT agencies ranked on Fortune’s 2023 list of the world’s most admired companies.
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Headquartered in Ireland, this IT and consultancy firm is the largest by company size — employing a workforce of more than 733,000 employees. Founded in 1989, Accenture has grown to generate $64 billion in revenue, offering strategy and consultancy services, app development, business process outsourcing as well as security, cloud, data and analytics solutions. Recently the company announced a $3 billion, three-year plan to optimize its data and AI practices, which includes doubling its Bangalore-based staff to 80,000 industry professionals.
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Best known for its namesake multi-model database management system, the American computer tech corporation sells software, hardware and cloud-based services. Oracle uses a single database approach that’s unique in the way it stores, organizes and retrieves data by type while keeping the relationships between various types intact. It also owns programming language platform Java and relational database management system MySQL, which powers applications like Facebook, Twitter and Netflix. The company first landed in Bangalore in 2017, and, along with other SaaS-sector businesses, is enjoying a market upswing, recently doubling its India-based clientele to 20,000
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