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Are thinking of starting your venture? Here are 10 best business ideas for stay at home moms in India that you should know about.

Are thinking of starting your venture? Here are 10 best business ideas for stay at home moms in India that you should know about.
There are so many options for women to generate additional income right now, the online world is expanding and now is your chance to seize the best opportunities!
I’ve discovered a few small steps that most women miss when creating digital products and coaching offers that can make the biggest difference between being a balanced working happy mama or a stressed-out, miserable hustler who is always launching.
On a personal note, what I want most for you is that you fulfil your hopes and dreams. I want you to have quality time with your family.
I want you to NOT stress about the finances, so you can do work that matters and have more balance and fulfilment.
10 Business Ideas For Stay At Home Moms
These business ideas for stay at home moms will help you generate additional income, so you no longer have to be stressed about paying the bills. Keep reading!
Ready to start your business? Over the last 10 years, I have tried all 10 of these ideas. Which one are you going to start with?
I highly recommend just picking one to start with, and you can always add more revenue streams later on!

If you like to teach and help others, creating workshops could be perfect for you. This could be a 90-minute workshop, a half-day, or 1–2 days in person or virtual.
First step: “I’m thinking about…. Are you interested?”
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If you like to share products you love with your friends and family, why not get paid to share great products you love? This could be getting paid by brands to tell your audience about their products. This is best for people with large audiences.
First step: Create your media kit.
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If you love to be on stage and help others, speaking might be for you. This could be getting paid by corporations or professional organizations to deliver presentations or keynotes.
First step: Create your speaking pitch sheet and post weekly videos or live.
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If you love to write or have the experience or knowledge to simplify and improve other people’s lives, creating digital guides is perfect for you.  These could be valuable checklists or templates.
First step: Identify what other people ask you for help with and how you can turn that into a system or guide.
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If you love to teach but don’t want to leave your house, online courses might be for you. This could be teaching a topic live or pre-recording content.
First step: Identify the before and after results your course provides. It’s not just a bunch of information.
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If you love to test and share products you use. This could be getting a portion of every sale your audience makes. Ex: Amazon affiliates
First step: Make a list of products you have used and LOVE. It’s not sales when you love the products. Easy to sell.
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If you love to help others and answer questions, coaching might be for you. This could be on Zoom, the phone, or in-person.
First step: Start talking to your ideal clients by holding free sessions to uncover their challenges and goals.
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If you love to design new things and want to sell something your clients can feel and touch and share on social media, physical products might be for you.
This could be shipping a product or using a third party to ship.
First step: Register yourself as a seller on shopping sites
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If you want to use your knowledge and expertise to help others make progress and transform their lives, then starting a membership site may be perfect for you.
This could be helping people solve a specific problem, master a skill, or just make things more convenient for them.
First step: Launch your membership to founding members for a special offer.
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If your love can help others get a result quickly, challenges might be for you. This could be in a Facebook group. You could go live on Zoom to deliver your challenge and provide a workbook.
First step: Identify one result you can help others achieve in 3–7 days.
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Side business  for stay at home mom
Which among these 10 business ideas for stay at home moms are you going to choose?
To summarize, 10 great income streams are available for you! You can start with any of the above-mentioned ventures if you are seriously considering starting a business.
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