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By Kavya Pillai
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CEO and co-founder of boAt company is no short of a celebrity- entrepreneur after his appearance on the widely viewed reality show Shark Tank India, modeled after the American series under the same name. Aman Gupta is currently seen as a judge on Shark Tank India, alongside Namita Thapar, Vineeta Singh, Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal.
boAt today has achieved huge success and Gupta has captured the market through his business strategies. Earphones, headsets, smart watches, air pod, bluetooth speakers and many more are the products through which boAt has touched consumer’s heart. His hard work has definitely paid off. And so he is confident to say that his brand is ruling the market currently. Generally, a company takes several years to endorse celebrities and personalities as their brand ambassadors. But if the brand is successful it is just matter of years. boAt is among them. From crickets to singers and actors, boAt has on boarded famous personalities like Shikhar Dhawan, Hardik Pandeya, and KL Rahul to actors such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Kiara Advani, and Karl Tik Earl.
On Shark Tank
Gupta has been actively puting in money along before joining the reality show Shark Tank India. He has invested in many organizations and startups. Shark Tank India has become one of the most popular shows among people these days. The energy, ideas, and—everything is top-notch. The co-founder of boAt, with his great marketing strategies, has made his products the top choice of all. “Being an entrepreneur requires you to surf through different turfs in one go. This needs passion and love for what you are doing,” he said at the Entrepreneur India Summit held in Delhi this year.
When asked about what he looks for in a candidate the Shark was quick to say his fellow Sharks in the show like Anupam who had invested more than he had in the he first season of the show was someone he observed. “In the first season I was keen on backing those who has an X factor. However I gradually in the second season observed Anupam and learnt how to go deeper into analysing the business, business plan and the big picture,” he concludes.
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