5 Top IT Companies in Waterloo – Built In

These IT companies are helping clients secure their data.
Situated between several large metropolitan areas, Waterloo is becoming a tech oasis in Ontario. The city has already attracted the likes of Google and IBM, but it’s also an appealing destination for startups of all kinds. These are some of the top information technology, or IT, companies working in Waterloo. 
Globally known for its search engine, Google is one of the largest technology companies with a plethora of IT solutions for businesses. As part of its cloud computing services, the company offers identity management solutions, data migration capabilities and lots more to help teams manage and secure their company’s information. 
IBM is a multidisciplinary technology and infrastructure giant that also offers consulting services. In terms of IT, IBM offers everything from virtual server networks and cloud computing to backup and data recovery services.  
Oracle is a global cloud-computing company that uses digital infrastructure and software to optimize data networks. Its proprietary Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform features API development and third-party integrations with database management systems like MySQL
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OpenText is an IT company aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses secure their data. Its products range from cloud network ecosystems to cybersecurity services and an AI-integrated cloud network that uses predictive analytics to anticipate business opportunities. 
eSentire is a security company that protects against network, endpoint, cloud and log-in vulnerabilities. The company protects client data by employing Managed Detection and Response, or MDR, software to detect cyber threats. 


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