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11 Software and IT Companies in Krakow to Know – Built In

These companies are developing new tech products and solutions for global clients.
Located near Poland’s southern border, Krakow is a tech-forward city with its many universities and startups. Fueling the growth is the talented workforce of IT specialists and software developers, as well as the numerous companies calling the city home. Below are some of the top software and IT employers in Krakow to know.
Qualtrics makes experience management software in three categories:  strategy and research, employee experience and customer experience. By creating a third-party channel for team members and customers to candidly share feedback, the software facilitates a well of data that can be drawn upon to make operational decisions without guesswork. 
Motorola Solutions is a storied company known for its communication devices, but the company also develops software and IT solutions. It provides managed IT services to clients, which include cyber security risk assessment and device service and maintenance. Motorola’s Poland presence consists of two offices focusing on software and sales operations. 
Motorola Solutions Is Hiring | View Open Roles
Comarch is a Polish software house, also known as a web development company, and systems integrator. The company is one of the largest tech employers in Poland, with offices in Warsaw, Krakow and Białystok. Its past clients include BP Global and Jetblue. Comarch focuses on software development, IT security and enterprise resource planning, or ERP, solutions. 
Cisco is a household name in the tech industry with a long history of developing hardware and software. Cisco has gained a reputation for its modems and other connectivity products, but it also offers a plethora of IT solutions. With Cisco, clients can secure their remote workforces, integrate AI platforms and defend against ransomware, among many other services. 
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IBM is a multinational computing and software company with offices and data centers in many major cities. IBM has also worked steadily on developing the watsonx platform which will enable companies to create AI assistance and automation workflows. 
Capgemini is an IT company that provides cloud hosting, cybersecurity and generative AI services in over 50 countries. Its presence in Poland consists of a large campus in Krakow that employs IT, accounting, supply management and customer service staff to support clients in nearby countries. 
Working across Europe, Software Mind helps companies enrich their tech by providing them with engineering teams to manage their software development life cycle. Its outsourced teams offer expertise in fields including UX, cloud and data science, among others, and they work to provide tailored strategies and solutions. 
Incode Group is a custom software development company working primarily with JavaScript and TypeScript coding languages. The company provides full-cycle development services including web development, UX design and consulting services that aim to speed up operations and time to market for clients across multiple industries. 
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Leobit is a software company with offices in Ukraine, Poland and the United States. Its technology focuses on .NET development, and during its tenure, it has developed mobile apps, cloud platforms and web applications. 
Secfense’s IT platform eliminates the use of passwords among organizations. With Secfense, companies can transition to Fast Identity Online, or FIDO, authentication methods, including multi-factor authentication, or MFA, solutions instead of relying on passwords that are naturally prone to compromise. 
Glorium Technologies is a bespoke software company working with startups and growth-focused tech companies. It has designed products for web and mobile applications and worked in quickly growing sectors like healthcare and real estate. 


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